Vetrarrki: Bretar ornir vantrair hnatthlnun...

Snjr  London

Enn og aftur snjar Bretlandseyjum og rkir ar vetur konungur llu snu veldi. N ori er varla hgt a telja eyjaskeggja fingrum annarrar handar sem tra hnatthlnun, og skyldi engan undra. Sp er hvtum jlum...

etta s fyrir marga dauans alvara v samgngur hafa lamast og vast hvar eru hsin illa einangru, er vonandi lagi a sl ltta strengi ur en vsa er til njustu frtta nest sunni.

Whatever happened to Global Warming aye?
Armstrong & Miller show, BBC

...og jlin nlgast og essi ml eru vst trarbrg eins og margt anna Smile.
Sgrni Krinn syngur fallega kirkjunni um syndaselina sem efast um hnatthlnun... home

Snow and ice bring travel chaos to UK

Flights cancelled and drivers hit by holdups as heavy snowfall and falling temperatures disrupt Christmas getaway

Friday 17 December 2010 18.01 GMT

Heavy snow and freezing conditions returned to Britain today with travel chaos expected over the weekend as forecasters predict more snow.

Britain's second largest airport, Gatwick, warned it might be forced to close and easyJet said tonight it was suspending flights there between 6am and 10am, coinciding with an expected snowstorm.

Some parts of England are expected to be hit with between 25cm and 30cm of fresh snow, just as many up and down the country begin the big Christmas getaway...

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MailOnline - news, sport, celebrity, science and health stories

White hell: Drivers spend night sleeping in their cars as coldest December on record shuts roads and airports

By Paul Sims
Last updated at 9:27 AM on 18th December 2010

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  • Heathrow Airport closed for most of today
  • Hundreds of drivers trapped on M6 overnight
  • Ambulance skids off road and kills passenger inside
  • Backlog of up to 4m parcels could remain undelivered
  • Urgent appeal for blood donors after concerns of shortages
  • Grit to be shared amid fears of cold snap until January 14
  • Odds shortened even further on ‘White Christmas’

Millions of Britons were facing travel chaos today as snow and ice left motorways and airports closed and train services disrupted.

Heathrow Airport has cancelled all flights between 10am and 5pm today, with further problems at Gatwick and in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Overnight blizzards and plummeting temperatures buckled a huge chunk of the country's road, air and rail networks on the busiest weekend for travel and shopping before Christmas.

As the mercury plunged, hundreds of drivers were forced to spend the night in their cars on the M6 after a lorry jackknifed at midnight.

The North West was hit with deluges of up to 10in of snow while parts of the south were also blanketed overnight, with blizzards expected in parts of the South East and Midlands today....

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a er auvita krkomi fyrir brnin landi engla a f almennilegan snj. Veri er sjlfu sr ekki slmt, en flestir vibnir. ess vegna truflast samgngur og flk kemst ekki til vinnu.

Skyldi essum mtmlendum vera a sk sinni?

Sasta frsla | Nsta frsla


1 Smmynd: Sveinn Atli Gunnarsson

Er stabundi vetrarveur enn og aftur fari a hafa truflandi hrif stareynd a hitastig er htt sgulegu samhengi (2010 gti hglega ori heitasta r samkvmt einhverjum gagnarum, en endar allavega htt listanum). Sj, t.d. mtuna - a er kalt Klonke Dinke og v er engin hnattrn hlnun og einnig m skoa 20. heitustu rin...ltil sjanleg hlnun kortunum, rtt fyrir vetrarrki Evrpu.

Sveinn Atli Gunnarsson, 18.12.2010 kl. 10:19

2 Smmynd: gst H Bjarnason


"Kallaste december p 135 r"

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BBC 17. des.

Heavy snow causing disruption across Northern Ireland

BBC weather forecaster Cecilia Daly said that similar snowfalls in 2000 were restricted to eastern counties making the current situation "probably the worst in 25 years".

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BBC 17. des.

Rome's fountains covered in ice amid freezing weather

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Kuldamet Kna:

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Lka skalandi:

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Fyrir nokkrum rum hldu menn essu fram:

Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past

The Independent ri 2000.

--- --- ---

gst H Bjarnason, 18.12.2010 kl. 11:37

3 Smmynd: Sveinn Atli Gunnarsson

Kuldamet falla, a hefur svo sem engin haldi ru fram og snjr er hluti vetrarrkis va Evrpu n sem fyrr, en leitni hitastigs er upp vi enn sem komi er, sem er samrmi vi mlingar og rannknir vsindamanna auknum grurhsahrifum af mannavldum... En endilega ekki lta mig trufla ig a skoa essi fu kuldamet og vetrarveur sem dkka upp, au eru frleg lka og geta veri af msum stum, sem ekki virast vera skoaar srstaklega hr ;)

Sveinn Atli Gunnarsson, 18.12.2010 kl. 15:02

4 Smmynd: gst H Bjarnason

etta er n bara saklaust og fallegt vetrarveur, a.m.k. London. Brnin njta ess a leika sr snjnum. Var a skoa myndir aan an af myndarlegum snjkarli einum vestur London, en ar er um 15 cm snjr nna.

Vandrin stafa auvita af v a arna eru blar ekki tbnir fyrir vetrarakstur og eru sumardekkjum allt ri. Lestarsamgngur truflast lka og flugvellir lokast mean brautir eru ruddar. Svona vetrarveur er frekar venjulegt essum slum.

gst H Bjarnason, 18.12.2010 kl. 15:54

5 Smmynd: Vilhjlmur Eyrsson

N er gaman. Sp er svipuu ea verra a.m.k. fram mijan janar sem vonandi gengur eftir. En grurhsamenn gefast ekki upp fyrr en fulla hnefana. eir munu finna einhver r til a kenna vonsku mannanna um kuldann.

Vilhjlmur Eyrsson, 18.12.2010 kl. 16:37

6 Smmynd: gst H Bjarnason

Vilhjlmur. g vona n a etta standi ekki lengi yfir. Hitinn er alltaf betri en kuldinn :-)

gst H Bjarnason, 18.12.2010 kl. 16:44

7 Smmynd: gst H Bjarnason

a m kannski skjta vi inn a stralu vorai ekkert srstaklega vel, en ar er n sumar.

Veurstofan ar skrifar:

Australia in Spring (September-November 2010

Wettest spring on record for Australia. Individually, most states had a very wet season, with the NT, Queensland and NSW all having their wettest spring on record, and all states except Tasmania in the top 10 wettest. Maximum temperatures were generally much cooler than normal, with the exception of western WA, which was much warmer than normal. Minimum temperatures were close to normal: cooler than average conditions dominated the interior, while coastal areas tended to be warmer than normal.

Nationally-averaged maximum temperatures were 1.23C below normal for spring, making it Australia’s 4th coldest spring on record. Most of Australia had cooler than normal daytime temperatures, except the western coast of WA, the far tropical north, Tasmania and the far southeast of the mainland. Daytime temperatures were at least 1C below normal in a wide region stretching from the eastern half of WA across to the eastern Australian coast. Anomalies of 3C below normal were closer to the interior of the continent, in central Queensland and also a region surrounding the SA-NT border, with anomalies of at least 4C below normal surrounding Alice Springs. Much of this area had their coldest spring maximum temperatures on record. ...


Australian Government - Bureau of Meteorology

gst H Bjarnason, 18.12.2010 kl. 16:55

8 Smmynd: Hrur rarson

Koma tmar, koma r, Vilhjlmur.

"Recent research published last month found a link between low levels of sea ice in the Barents-Kara Sea, north of Norway and Russia, and an increased probability of harsh winters across Europe such as the cold winter between 2005 and 2006. These sea ice declines associated with warmer oceans could triple the probability of cold winter extremes in Europe and northern Asia, according to Vladimir Petoukhov, lead researcher for the study, and a climate scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany"

Vetur eru yfirleitt me afbrigum mildir Bretlandseyjum mia vi a sem gengur og gerist eirra breiddargrum. Veri getur a hnattrn hlnun muni valda venju fremur kldum vetrum eim slum ef rtt reynist a minkandi hafs komi hringrs lofts fasa sem hefur klnun a vetrarlagi fr me sr eim slum...

"Warming oceans, thought by many to be associated with climate change, are contributing to reductions in sea ice in the Arctic area. Computer models suggest that a reduction in sea ice in the eastern Arctic leads to a loss of ocean heat and a consequent warming of the lower atmosphere which can trigger atmospheric circulation anomalies that can in turn lead to an overall cooling of northern continents, according to Petoukhov's research which was published in the Journal of Geophysical Research in November. This can result in a continental-scale winter cooling reaching, on average, ?1.5C colder than it would otherwise have been."

Hrur rarson, 18.12.2010 kl. 18:50

9 Smmynd: Vilhjlmur Eyrsson

Hva sagi g ekki?

Vilhjlmur Eyrsson, 18.12.2010 kl. 19:41

10 Smmynd: gst H Bjarnason

AP 17 nvember:

Snow grounds 800 flights across Europe.

--- --- --- --- ---

Wetter T-Online

13.12.2010, 13:00 Uhr | Von Rickmer Flor,

Winter extrem - "Neue kleine Eiszeit ist jetzt mglich"

"... So kalt wie seit 100 Jahren nicht - In Berlin gab es Anfang Dezember den absoluten Klterekord, "seit 100 Jahren war es hier nicht so kalt wie in der ersten Dezember-Dekade", so Globig. Das gelte auch fr andere Regionen Deutschlands...."

gst H Bjarnason, 18.12.2010 kl. 20:24

11 Smmynd: Vilhjlmur Eyrsson

jverjinn talar skynsamlega, en vonandi hefur hann rangt fyrir sr. a vri ekki gott ef n „ltil sld“ hefst strax fyrir mija ldina. Grurhsamenn munu a sjlfsgu kenna vonsku mannanna, .e. Vesturlandaba, um kuldann egar og ef ar a kemur.

Vilhjlmur Eyrsson, 18.12.2010 kl. 21:22

12 Smmynd: Sveinn Atli Gunnarsson

Vilhjlmur, hver er a tala um mannvonsku? - etta er n orin hlfger meinloka hj r, hefuru ekkert anna til mlanna a leggja?

Annars tel g a staa ha og lgakerfa, samanber Norur-Atlantshafi, geti vel tskrt stabundi hitastig og veurfar t.d. Norur-Evrpu essa stundina og essi punktur sem Hrur kom me gti lka veri tskring sem hgt er a nota til a finna skringar, sj t.d. Kaldari svi vi hnattrna hlnun.

Hitastig er og hefur n samt veri hstu hum a undanfrnu, sj t.d. NASA – Hljasti nvember fr upphafi mlinga. En eins og g hef komi inn fyrr, fella stabundnir kuldar ekki kenningar um aukin grurhsahrif af mannavldum, hvaa fullyringar sem vi fum hj dagblum eins og t.d. Daily Mail ea bloggsum sem vilja almennt gera lti r loftslagsvsindunum.

lokin langar mig bara a taka undir me gsti, egar hann kom me eftirfarandi athugasemd hr undan:

etta er n bara saklaust og fallegt vetrarveur, a.m.k. London. Brnin njta ess a leika sr snjnum. Var a skoa myndir aan an af myndarlegum snjkarli einum vestur London, en ar er um 15 cm snjr nna.

Vandrin stafa auvita af v a arna eru blar ekki tbnir fyrir vetrarakstur og eru sumardekkjum allt ri. Lestarsamgngur truflast lka og flugvellir lokast mean brautir eru ruddar. Svona vetrarveur er frekar venjulegt essum slum.

Sveinn Atli Gunnarsson, 18.12.2010 kl. 22:04

13 identicon

a er bi a rfa niur stran hluta a inai Evrpu, og gera milljnir manna atvinnulausa. Grurhsakallarnir munu sjlfsagt bera v vi, a a s bara hi besta ml vegna ess a vi a hafa fleiri fengi vinnu Kna.

Aukin neyzla Evrpu, krefst hravirkari flutning vrum og jnustu ... grhurhsa klkan me kerlingarnar fararbroddi hafa kvei um a lkkaur veri hrai gtum, v a s nausynlegt heilsu okkar allra.

70 ratugnum, sgu menn a sld vri leiinni ... egar fr a hitna klakanum, fru menn a klaga um grurhsa hrif. En enn er ekki hgt a rkta hveiti sland, a mr vitandi, eins og hgt var fyrir 1000 rum san.

g segi bara etta essu llu ... a getur vel veri a a su einhverstaar grurhsa hrif, en mr finnst a andskotanum skrra a svitna pungnum, en a ganga me hann gadd freinn ... og ef sld er einhvers staar nnd, segi g bara ... keiri blana eins og andskotin, svo a hitni svolti klakanum, hver veit nema a bjargi okkur r sprsundinni. Og vi kerlingarnar segi g, hvort haldi i a s heillavnlegra heilsu okkar allra ... eitt, ea anna?

En hva sem llu ru lur, arf maur ekkert a hafa neinar hyggjur ... v allir vita a dagatali Maja, lkur nna 2012, og eru bara ekki g r dr ... v er heimsendir, eins og allir vita. ar me eru ll vandaml leyst, grurhsavandamlin ... saldarvandamlin ... og hraaksturinn ...

Bjarne rn Hansen (IP-tala skr) 18.12.2010 kl. 22:08

Bta vi athugasemd

Ekki er lengur hgt a skrifa athugasemdir vi frsluna, ar sem tmamrk athugasemdir eru liin.


Ágúst H Bjarnason
Ágúst H Bjarnason

Verkfr. hjá Verkís.

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